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We Are Audio Voice Actors  

Hear Our Content Come To Life With Unbelievable Passion. 🎧

At YC—23. Studios™, We believe in the power of great spoken information to improve business.
We are a new-world audio stories management and a Yellow Cover Magazine Inc. company. Our team proudly serves clients with incredibly spoken informational marketing assistance that will mirror print applications. Our thoughtful skills and voice narrators are writers, singers, precise readers, and the best in class for eloquently speaking volumes to your audio storytelling, promo, film photography, and reel applications. Our team believes in the power of great thinking and ideas, and our passion permeates from our voices, offering memorable spoken words, impactful simplicity, and kindness.


Furthermore, Journey with Us improves business, and we're offering.

Makeup Photoshoot

Audio Storytelling

The audio story ideas we deliver for our clients are just as crucial as visualization. We pay close attention to dramatics, minimalism, thoughtfulness, accuracy, tonality message, and overall brand.


Promo Website Design/Audio

The world is lazy, and nine times out of ten won't take the time to scroll through your entire website to get the concept of your message. Our ideas and performance ability give us confidence, knowing we will do the job right the first time. Services include an excellent landing page design, audio effectiveness, storytelling, links, and maintenance. 

Timeline: 2 - 3 Weeks 

Thank You Letters

Thank-you Notes

Our writers write impactful; thank you's and hypothesis-proven expressions explaining the reasoning. We know the value of tangibility.
Touching is believing, and our clients can attest to our quality. 

Timeline: 2 - 3 Days

Child Posing with Juice

Film Photography & Reels
Our 35mm creative capture will help our clients stand out. Our reels are subject-oriented, transparent, and professional from beginning to end, allowing audiences to grasp your offerings fully. Our audio storytellers will evoke memory. It's not just a picture for us; it's the brand's vision and the hard work, long days, and sleepless nights and our goal is effective human communication.

Timeline: 1-3 Weeks

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