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Could our audio storytelling marketing, kind approach heal your business morale?

At YC—23. Studios™, our story is about a new-world team of audio Storytelling Marketers who proudly set out to serve others with incredibly thoughtful skills. Furthermore, the Journey with Us has improved time, and we're making significant strides in our category with locations in Alpharetta, GA, and Chicago. & Soon to come to Stockholm, Sweden.

​Our mission is business boosting, and our intelligent, thoughtful team of designers and storytellers are an extended crew of The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc™; we stand on our convictions as being the kindest to work with.


Now in its third year, the company is a problem-solving agent for businesses and the Future Of Storytelling Photojournalism Advertising. 

In such a time as now, with Artificial intelligence as a new leader, we invite brands to work with us to advance messaging, and our goal is to become a leader in the audio expression category. 

Business is Theatre, and we connect with our brands with an emotional combination of brand work that offers incredible thought-provoking directions, storytelling script, verbatim dialogue, and genuine narrative voice staff.

It will add to our proud work of current digital and print magazines through the Yellow Cover Magazine Inc™, with unique Scandinavian design immersions.

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